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Welcome to the 33rd Merkurphila auction on October 14th, 2018
Selected quality at the lowest possible starting prices - that's the best way to summarize the offer of the 33rd Merkurphila auction. In this auction you will find many top pieces of Austrian philately at bargain prices. Browse through the offer, you will surely find it! Outside the auction, you have the opportunity to register your interest in three rarities offered as lots I, II and III.

I Yellow Mercury, 1856, ANK No. 7 I b BROWN ORANGE, 6 kr., unused with FULL ORIGINAL GUM
Sassone 250.000, Michel only 2 pieces known, ANK -.-, Ferchenbauer -.-. One of the rarest pieces of Austrian and international philately and unique highlight of the great Mercury or Classical collection in outstanding condition. Detailed attestations by Alberto Diena (1968), Fiecchi (1968), Botacchi (2014), Dr. Avi (2017), Steiner (2018) and Dr. med. Ferchenbauer (2018). Yellow Mercuries in unused condition with full margins and full original gum belong to extreme rarities. The present piece is the best preserved in this color shade, whereby according to MICHEL catalog 2017 only 2 (!) pieces are known at all.

II Yellow Mercury, 1851, 7 I brown orange, 6 kr!
LAIBACH 28.8.(cancelation only through the arrival post mark,) due to the color and the cancelation date it is possible to classify it as the original form of usage for 10 newspapers of 10 x 0.6 kr. The stamp has 2 thin spots, it has full margins, is unwashed and has 50% original gum, visible through the frontside under UV light, this piece is an outstanding rarity of Austrian philately, only 2 (of 7) pieces of this kind with arrival mark known in better preservation.

III Yellow Mercury, 1851, 7 I brown orange, 6 kr!
WIEN ZEITUNGSEXPOSITUR 10.7., with arrival postmark of ALBA. Due to the color and the date of cancellation of the stamp, the classification to the original form of usage for 10 newspapers of 10 x 0.6 kr is possible. Only 1 further copy of the departure postmark of the Wiener Zeitung Expositur is known outside of the period of abatement. Attest Matl as: "Spectacular margin giant of an extraordinary splendid effect."

See new research results for lots II and III
as well as the thesis: "The yellow Merkur with the nominal 6 kr is one of the rarest stamps of the world", in the essay: M. Fukac: Die Entdeckung einer neuen Briefmarke. Die Bestimmung der Aufbrauchszeit des Gelben Merkurs von 18.4. bis 23.6.1856. In: Vindobona Vereinsnachrichten 2/2018, S. 34-37; (28.08.2018). If you are interested in purchasing one of the lots offered under I-III, please contact us until 14.10.2018 (end of the 33rd auction).