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The 56th auction will take place on Friday & Saturday the 13th & 14th of October 2023, at 09.30 a.m.
The 56th Merkurphila auction is a strong Austria special auction with rarities from all areas of Austrian philately. From classicism of the Empire, rarities of the interwar period, to the liquidation of a large special collection of local issues in 1945 and modern rarities up to the Euro era. On the 1st auction day we will auction items from pre-philately to 1883. On the 2nd auction day 1883 - present, incl. lots and collections.

DigiCat for the 55th auction
<a href=>56. Auktion, Österreich Vorphilatelie - 1867</a><br> <p> </p> With our DigiCat you have perfectly combined the advantages of the clarity of the print catalog with the user-friendliness of the Internet. First save the Digikat on your computer (right mouse button/save target as), open it and enjoy the most convenient form of constantly updated bidding on the Internet.<br>

DigiCat for the 54th auction, part 2
<a href=>56. Auktion, Österreich 1883 - Gegenwart inkl Sammlungen und Lots, Europa</a><br> <p> </p>