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Welcome to the 37th Merkurphila stamp auction on September 28th 2019 from 9:30 a. m. !
Our first combined public auction/internet live auction specialises in Austrian philately. It contains beautiful unused pieces of the classical period (lot no. 17 - red Mercury), extremely rare frankings (lot no. 431 - 1850 four-colour franking Salzburg - France etc. ), rare varieties (lot no. 343 - extremely rare pair of mixed plates of the 3 kr stamp on letter) as well as many rare mint specialities and units.

Public auction on 28th of September from 9:30 am.
For the first time, the 37th Merkurphila Auction will be held in parallel as a public and internet auction. Until shortly before the start of the auction you bid via the usual internet platform. With the start of the public auction on 28th of September, there will be a switch to the live auction platform, which allows you to participate in the public auction live via the Internet - of course with live sound from the auction room. Or you simply come to us in Vienna in the Hasenauerstrasse, you are very welcome!